Nissan Will Not Recall Murano Transmission Despite Significant CVT Problems

Yep, the problem isn't only with 03 Muranos... all they even to this day still have the same transfer case design flaw. Called the support office and was instructed to eliminate the atmosphere warning is covered and uncover by the air cleanser while in the intake tubing. It is something to really have problem is known by a having a design, it is another to profit at the customer's price from the dilemma.

Anyone who has an Indication disappointment on account of stress alarm and bad style please post your criticism for this site: This may be the national highway transport protection administration and deals with most of these security problems and producers that not need to know flaws inside their items. I still done the paperwork and directed it set for reimbursement even though they didn't address the transfercase. The attacks warranty does not address the transfercase see this forum was submitted within by the horror tales alone.

Anyone who has a Sign disappointment due to stress sensor and flawed style please post your issue to the site: This will be the national highway travel security government and handles most of these protection research work projects problems and manufacturers that not want to acknowledge problems within their goods. Though they didn't protect the transfer case, I still filled out the paperwork and delivered it in for reimbursement. The transmissions extended warranty does not protect the transfercase read this community was published within by the horror stories alone.